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Carol Ann Novosel - Folk Artist


My art is "pysanky" which in the Ukrainian language means 'egg that

is written on'.  I use a batik method of wax and dyes to decorate real egg shells with ancient symbols and colors in both traditional and original patterns.


I learned this ancient art form from my mother Anne who learned it from her mother Julia. We children sat at the kitchen table beginning at the age of about six and learned how to work with homemade tools and dyes, fresh eggs and melted wax. At age 15 I started giving demonstrations as a guest artist.


I find inspiration in nature's patterns and light. I also study the history of color - from ancient times to the present - to see what shades were used, when and why they were available, what each hue represented and how pigments were developed.


My art and eggs have been published in books, shown in museums, and displayed proudly in the homes of many.  They have been  presented to Alex Trebek (TVs game show host), Pittsburgh Steeler Owner Art Rooney, President Bill Clinton,  Governor Ed Randell, and many others.



portrait KA.png

Just a few of the many Pysanky Eggs Carol created

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